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Year in Review: 2021 Book List

There’s no sugar-coating this year: 2021 was honestly one of the hardest, weirdest years I’ve yet encountered. I’ve spent most of it waiting to hear back from agents on my first book, while editing a second, and it’s likely Aaron and I will be moving in 2022. It’s been a transitional year and also a pandemic year, and to top it off, I got COVID-19 and was sick over Christmas. (Luckily I was fully vaccinated, so while I felt terrible, I was never in danger of hospitalization.) 2021 has been the year of waiting. I like to think that a year from now, I’ll look back magnanimously and see how much I learned and grew. But I’m not there yet. Right now there is no magnanimity. But there are books. Thank everything that is holy for books during this pandemic! I read for personal growth, pure fun, and everything in between, with a final tally of 63 books. Overwhelmingly, they came from the library: at 31, almost half. 12 were from Book of the Month; eight I purchased from Bookshop or independen

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