Monday, April 28, 2014

Exploring Connecticut: Wolf Rock Nature Preserve

Now that the snow has melted and green is slowly returning to the landscape, we decided to explore our new home. Last fall, we went on a few small hikes and walks, mostly around the university, but hopefully this summer we’ll be able to take some day trips, go down to the coast, and see what Connecticut has to offer.

A few weekends ago, we explored a portion of Joshua’s Trust. Joshua’s Trust is composed of 4,000 acres across 14 towns. We drove to Wolf Rock Nature Preserve, parked, and hiked the short slope up to a beautiful vista. Unfortunately, the sight was slightly marred by the fact that the trees are still starkly bare, and brown leaves still garnish the ground. The pictures aren’t fabulous. However, the sun was shining and I was wearing a t-shirt, so I was incredibly happy. It finally reached seventy degrees here, making me think that despite the brown, dead-looking trees, I had arrived in some sort of heaven.

We made it through our first winter! We’re pretty proud of ourselves. While I made an effort to enjoy the snow, and feel that for the most part, I succeeded, with the arrival of sun and warmth, I can see how much of an affect the winter had on my mood. I feel more alive and happy now that warmth is back. It’s amazing to be able to open the windows. It’s lovely to go into the backyard with Aaron and eat dinner outside. For this California kid, it feels radical and miraculous.

So we loved Wolf Rock, albeit stating several times that we’d have to return when the leaves come back. For that moment, however, we sat like cats on a big rock. I kicked off my flip flops and let my toes appreciate the lovely, lovely sun. Seriously, California friends, it was the most amazing feeling ever. It’s like the weather started a revolution and rebelled against their evil snow overlords.

Wolf Rock is unique because of the large boulder that balances on the edge of the bluff. It looks like it should have rolled over the ledge centuries ago, yet somehow it remains. On the Joshua Trust website, it states that mention of the rock was recorded as early as the 18th century, which is fascinating. I love all the history on the East Coast, and it’s so much fun to discover all the history right out our back door. New England oozes with history. I love it.

There were some other people enjoying the view as well, so we amused ourselves by eavesdropping on their conversation about the pros and cons of having the superpower ability of flying. There were several other people that we met along the trails; everyone was emerging from their hibernation dens and enjoying the fresh air.

We’re so excited for spring and upcoming summer! Writing about them here will be a great way to keep me accountable to get out and make our plans happen, so stay tuned for the next installment of Exploring Connecticut!

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