Hi, I’m Lacy!

A few years ago I traveled to India, and on the trip our group toured the Amber Fort near Jaipur. A friend of mine from the group and I struck up a conversation with our tour guide about how India and America share a common element in our cultures: a love of stories.

Later on in the conversation, I told our tour guide that I was majoring in English and he was clearly confused. I spoke English; why would I need to major in it? At that moment, I suddenly realized how to explain my major, and told him that essentially I was majoring in stories. The understanding that spread across his face was one of my favorite moments of the trip, and that moment also forms the basis for Sputnik Prose.

Sputnik Prose is about stories. It’s the story of my husband Aaron, our cat Hobbes, and me. It’s also the story of you.

As the reader, you are invited to glimpse our journey, but also to reflect on your own. It’s my hope that through the triumphs and mistakes I share in our lives, you’ll be reminded of some idea in your life to mull over and digest. It’s my goal to be realistic about my life, in a way that prompts you not to compare yourself to the life presented on this blog, but in a way that encourages you to reflect on your own life. The purpose of Sputnik Prose is not to inspire envy but introspection.

To provide context for our story: I was born and raised in Northern California, and met Aaron at college in Santa Barbara. We got married in December of 2011. In August of 2013, we moved from California to Connecticut so Aaron could begin his graduate studies, and we live there now in our Hobbit Hole (it’s really the bottom level of a house built into a hill, but I dream of round doors and meddling wizards all the same).

Hobbes joined us in January of 2014, and we’re in love with her. She’s my cat baby.

We love Mexican food, Lord of the Rings, Calvin and Hobbes, and reading. We also love eating, and I talk a lot about food on Sputnik Prose! We’re nerds at heart, and often hold detailed discussions about Game of Thrones over dinner.

Welcome to our story! As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Too many pictures of Hobbes, haha!

    1. Anonymous, there's no such thing as too many pictures of Hobbes ;)