Friday, December 12, 2014

ImmuniTea with Ginger, Lemon & Turmeric

Yes, it’s a horrible pun, and no, I absolutely couldn't resist.

Today I decided to test a concoction that seemed really crazy and potentially disgusting! I had read an article on making tea with fresh ginger and lemon, and wanted to try it. In college, a friend tipped me off to the idea that hot water, lemon, and honey is better than tea for sore throats when you’re sick because it coats the throat. (I’m not sure how that helps, but I can attest that it does!) After that initial cup of hot honey lemon water (not hot ham water), it’s fine to drink all the tea in the world.

I've started to cook more with ginger lately, and decided to add it to a tea brew. So I cut about a half inch cube of fresh ginger, peeled it, and put it in a mug with half of a lemon’s juice. On a whim, I decided to add turmeric, which is also great for your immune system and just a dash of cayenne pepper to add an extra punch and ensure the turmeric wasn't too strong. 

To my surprise, I found the drink was pretty tasty. I hadn’t intended to blog about it, but one taste and I changed my mind.

What we drink says a lot about us. I post this recipe with the knowledge that some will think I’m a health quack, so don’t worry, I love ice cream and chocolate as much as you do (and probably more). I’ve also been on a journey of learning how to cook and making sure my husband and I eat healthy, balanced meals. We’re not vegetarian, vegan, or paleo, although I do eat recipes from those diets and enjoy them.

We consume more tea than any other drink, probably even more than water! I usually drink a cup of English or Irish breakfast tea to start out the day. I don’t make coffee at home, but love drinking it in coffee shops.

I’ve noticed that many people define their identity by what they drink. It could be coffee, tea, kombucha, bone broth, water, cold-pressed juice, or green veggie smoothies. How often do we drink something because we’re aware that the world is looking at us – or we think they’re looking at us, when really they could care less? We often drink a certain type of drink to associate with a particular kind of lifestyle. I’m not immune to this. I enjoy reading vegetarian/vegan yoga-loving blogs. I’m drawn to that type of lifestyle, and find inspiration for the (mainly) vegetarian lunches I’ve been eating.

Yet we need to make sure we’re not missing out on hot chocolate just because we want everyone to see us drinking ginger and lemon tea. How often do we stop to truly enjoy what we’re drinking?

Now that the air is cold and the days are busy, I’m going to make an extra effort to appreciate what I put into my body – not for the sake of a particular diet or lifestyle, but for the sake of pure enjoyment. And if ginger and lemon are your thing, here’s the recipe! (Or tell me I’m crazy and go drink hot chocolate.)

ImmuniTea with Ginger, Lemon & Turmeric


1 cup boiling water
½ inch cube of fresh ginger
Juice of ½ a lemon
1/8 teaspoon turmeric
Dash of cayenne pepper


1. Boil the water on the stove. While it’s boiling, peel the ginger and place it in a mug with the squeezed lemon juice.

2. Pour the water into the mug, and add your spices.

3. Sit and read a book or watch rain/snow falling with your immunitea.

This recipe serves one. Enjoy!

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