Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekend Souvenirs: Fun Edition

How is your fall weather treating you? Many of my California friends have been complaining about their 90 degree weather. They want pumpkin lattes and sweaters. Friends, I'll take your 90 degree weather. I'll trade you all the clouds we had this week. I've never really understood clouds unless there is rain falling out of them.

However, I won't trade you the utterly perfect weather that I have this afternoon. It's sunny and at last, there's not a cloud to be found in the sky. I can wear a sweatshirt comfortably in 63 degree weather. I had to brush red leaves off this chair to sit down. The slopes by our house are cloaked with a gentle mantle of yellow.

I spent most of my day listening to Eluvium, which is my preferred writing and working music. I can get anything done with those melodies floating from my computer speakers. It only makes sense that I share one of my favorite Eluvium songs with you today (although really, if you like it, check out the whole Copia album).

This Friday, I'll share a perfect fall recipe sent to me by my sister in law. It's for Quinoa Apple Cheddar Soup, and I will be doing all in my power to cook it this upcoming week!

From Cooking Quinoa

These chai-scented candles are also perfect for fall!

From Hello Natural

I love this beautifully designed word art:

From Society 6

Hopefully wherever you are in the world, you'll get some time to curl up and read this weekend! We have a weekend off, and in these next few days, reading is going to be my main agenda. I'll looking forward to it.

Here are some links for you all:

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Have a fun weekend, everyone!

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