Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekend Souvenirs: Food Edition

As I've done more food writing for ThriveWire, I've come to realize how much I love food. I've been fascinated by the stories of people who have transformed their passion into a business, and it has inspired me to continue my experiments in the kitchen and try out new things.

I've also noticed that as I write about these amazing foodies, I crave their type of food like crazy! When I wrote about Hot Bread Kitchen, I had to bake myself some bread. When I wrote about the McClure Pickle Company, I snacked on dill pickles incessantly.

Two of my food articles came out at ThriveWire this week, and again, I craved those foods as I wrote about them.

One place was the Mac Mart Food Truck in Philadelphia. I couldn't think about anything but macaroni and cheese when I spoke with Marti Lieberman, the Drexel graduate who’s started her own food truck just a few years out of college. 

From ThriveWire

That weekend, I made skillet macaroni and cheese. Sadly, I was not able to make a five hour road trip to eat at Mac Mart, so I had to do with my new skillet and some Trader Joe’s accoutrements. Here’s my current favorite recipe:

From RecipeBoy

Likewise, I craved chocolate really bad when I spoke with Patricia Tsai of ChocoVivo in Los Angeles.

From ThriveWire

Too bad I can’t catch a flight to LA, but I could make hot chocolate in my kitchen. Hers is almost certainly better, but I’ll have to take what I can get until the next time I’m in California. This recipe is currently calling my name….

From The Other Side of the Tortilla

I love food writing!

With all my drooling over ChocoVivo, the song West Coast by Coconut Records song seems apt:

I love this simple word art:

From Art of Faith Community

Here’s a perfect fall recipe. Aaron and I tried this soup and it was amazing! I'm totally going to make it again one of these nights.

From The Little Kitchen

Here are the fascinating reads I found this week:

Jordan Gaines Lewis loves brains.

Would you ever live in a dumpster? Yes, a dumpster. 

Stephen King offered some fascinating advice for both writers and teachers.

Photo booths are fun. So are photo booths in Volkswagen Buses

Yoga is meaningful to me in more ways than one...

Have a yummy weekend!

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