Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekend Souvenirs: Feline Edition

It's Friday! That means an exploration into all the intriguing, exciting, and adorable from the past week, beginning with Hobbes.

She definitely takes her position as cat of the house seriously, with all the duties required: endless photo shoots, constant cuddles, and of course getting into trouble while her humans slumber obliviously.

Only slightly annoyed by the camera.
Although you can't really tell from these pictures, fall is definitely here! In honor of fall in New England, I'd like to include the song that was stuck in my head this morning (not really a bad one to have stuck in your head, I promise). See if you can spot the reference to New England autumns. It's a lovely song.

In honor of Hobbes, I'm including some of my favorite cat pins from the past week!

This cat is striking.

From Imgur

Cats are fearless.

From Zontale

This one makes me laugh:

From We Heart It

Speaking of laughter, Aaron and I just finished watching Parks and Recreation in its entirety for the second time through. We love that show! So, for your inspirational quote of the week, please enjoy this nugget of profound wisdom from Andy Dwyer:

From BuzzFeed

I found some interesting articles this week if you find a moment to cuddle up with a mug of tea or coffee, or better yet, spiced apple cider! The first one is one of my old articles, but it's about cats, so it's perfect for the Feline Edition.

How would you like to drink tea in a cafe with cats?

Could yogurt affect our moods?

I love maps. So do the founders of Maps for Good.

Why we limit ourselves when we say we're "reading for fun".

Body language can impact on career success.

From volcano surfing to astronaut training, there's something for everyone in this list of unique travel experiences.

For all those writers, I loved what David Mitchell had to say about writing.

Have you ever held a supper club? It led to a restaurant for this chef!

Have a furry weekend, everyone!

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