Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Arkleus Broadcasting is Live!

Recently I began writing for Arkleus Broadcasting, a news network that seeks to highlight creative individuals who create beauty and positive change. So far they've highlighted a couple who’s been married for 60 years, a hero police dog, and a couple that creates art based on mythical designs, to name just a few.

My first assignment was to write about Jessamyn Rodriguez, who founded Hot Bread Kitchen in New York City. As I researched other articles and videos telling her story, and spoke with representatives from Hot Bread Kitchen, I was increasingly inspired by her story.

Arkleus launched on June 2, and my article came out on June 3 (although I was working that day, so I didn't see it until today!). Today in lieu of a long blog post, I’d like to point all you lovely readers to the article, titled “In This East Harlem Kitchen, Hope Rises”. To accompany the article, I also recorded a short video clip that Arkleus used in their daily show, It’s All Good. You can watch the clip here.

I’m excited to see what Arkleus brings to the Internet. There are not many news publications out there that are focused on presenting the goodness in the world. I've enjoyed writing for Arkleus so far, and can’t wait to research and read more amazing stories.

Note: Arkleus Broadcasting is now ThriveWire. Find my writing there.

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