Monday, May 19, 2014

Gen Con 2014

Circle of Orboros vs. Retribution...with improvised Settlers of Catan terrain!
Before I begin the blog post, let me apologize for the two week hiatus! We’ve been busy with family visits and life. I’m so glad that spring is here and I’ve been planning a garden (my first garden on my own ever!).

Two weekends ago, we traveled up to Boston with Hobbes in tow. She really is not comfortable with the threat of Eddie lingering; even though Aaron and I tried to show her when we closed Eddie up in Nan’s room, she was still a crazy fanatic and made a move to attack Nan once (luckily, Aaron was sitting right by Nan and put an end to that right away). Not cool, Hobbes. Her characterization as a little dragon continually proves to be accurate! However, she showed her well-behaved side when we visited a fellow wargamer’s house, and earned herself the compliment of well-adjusted (I felt like a proud parent!). Just like most humans, she has a dark side and a sweet side (there I go anthropomorphizing her again!). 

Deceptively adorable.
Anyway, I began this post to tell you all about Gen Con, which is a huge gaming convention in Indianapolis. Aaron attended Gen Con a few years ago, but I was unable to go because it fell right in the middle of one of my preschool in-service weeks. This year, we decided to choose one big convention to attend, and settled on Gen Con.

I had no idea what to expect until we began choosing classes to attend at the convention, and then I was incredibly excited. I've attended smaller conventions in California, such as Orccon and Kingdomcon, but this is the biggest convention in the country. 

Me at Orccon 2011.
Most of the national and world championships for gaming take place at Gen Con. It takes place in a massive convention hall with hundreds of vendors. Several of our Santa Barbara friends are able to attend as well, which will make the event even more enjoyable!

We were able to register at noon this past Sunday, and we literally sat at our computers and watched the website count down until 12 PM. We instantly clicked the register button at noon sharp, and were 370 and 384 on the wait list! Apparently there were some issues with people getting into their chosen events, but we were able to get into all of ours! 

Very seriously watching Aaron in the final round of Orccon...he won!
Aaron will participate in several tabletop wargaming tournaments, and I will be playing in several Dominion World Masters Tournament Qualifiers! Dominion is a deck building card game that is mildly addicting. We began playing Dominion just about a year ago, when one of Aaron’s oldest friends bought him the basic set for his birthday, and we have been hooked ever since. Dominion has been a great means for us to keep in touch with our California friends, since we have the capability to play with them online. I seriously doubt I’ll advance past the qualifiers, but I will have the chance to get lots of playing time – six hours, in fact – against experienced Dominion players. I’ll be playing in three of these qualifiers.

There are also seminars at Gen Con, for just about every game system imaginable, as well as several aimed at fantasy/science fiction writers! I decided to attend two of these writing seminars, so I’ll be taking Worldbuilding 101 and Building Biospheres. Even if I never write a fantasy novel, I’m hoping to pick up some interesting story ideas and writing tips.

I’m also taking several craft classes, including how to crochet a Hobbit hood, how to make a leather hardback book, how to crochet a bag with plastic yarn (otherwise known as plarn), and how to etch glasses with geeky designs (I've signed up for Celtic, Harry Potter, and Firefly designs!).

Yoga will be a part of the event for me too! I’ll be attending three yoga sessions, which should be perfect opportunities to recharge after all the gaming and convention walking, and Aaron and I will be going on a bus tour of local craft breweries in downtown Indianapolis.

Gen Con is in mid-August, and we are really looking forward to it. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and maybe even blog about it while we are there (provided I can find free Internet!). I've never been to Indianapolis, so it should be a fun opportunity to see another part of the country. We’re looking forward to enjoying the awkward but benevolent nerd community, and I may or may not come home with a pair of Elf ears.

I wonder if they have Elf ears for cats?

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