Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pork Edamame Soup

Pork Edamame Soup!
So…I've been asked to write a guest blog for my daughter. Here’s how this came about. Lacy and I were texting during the Oscars, making comments about the speeches, who we wanted to win, etc. Neither of us had even seen any of the movies up for Best Picture, but whatever, we can still have an opinion, right?

Anyway, she shared with me her “super random craving” lately: rice with butter and basil. So I shared with her what I had made for dinner that night. “Made an awesome soup tonight. Tomato base (Trader Joe's), brown rice, shallots, corn, soy beans, and pork chops. So yummy.”

Lacy: “Oooh send me the recipe!”

Me: “I just did! I made it up!”

So officially, here is what I did.

I had some leftover brown rice from Panda Express and a box of tomato soup from Trader Joe's plus a defrosted pork chop (no bone) that needed to be cooked. I trimmed the fat from the pork chop and cut it into bite size pieces and browned it in a frying pan. In the meantime, I poured the tomato soup into a big pot and added the brown rice, maybe ½ to ¾ cup. Then I went to my trusty freezer and found some corn and soy beans (edamame, frozen shelled soy beans from Trader Joe's). Just threw a little bit in…maybe ½ cup each? Who knows. While standing at my counter, I noticed that I had just received shallots in my organic veggie box that gets delivered every other week. Hmmm. That would be good chopped up in the soup, so that’s what happened. Chopped up a few and then when the pork chop was nicely browned, I threw that into the pot. Then I let it cook on low for about 30 minutes, to let the flavors blend and to cook the shallots! I didn't even add any spices.

IT WAS SO YUMMY!!! I probably would have indulged in seconds, but I had a furry problem on my lap and we all know that you do not dislodge a sleeping cat who is all cuddled up on your lap, now do you? 

That's a face you don't say no to.
So there you have it. An easy yummy soup with leftovers for lunch! Loved chatting (i.e. texting) with you tonight, Lacy!!

Oh. And if your name is Alisha, you are Lacy’s sister, and you are currently a vegetarian, so leave out the meat.

When I heard that Mom had made up a soup, I instantly recruited her to write for Sputnik Prose! I have really been enjoying having members of my family guest write for the blog (read Aaron’s hilarious posts here and here). When I told Mom I was going to put her post up, she said, “Yeah! I think!!” Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m drooling over this recipe (and excellently written post!). Thank you for sharing, Mom!

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