Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Peanut Butter Globes

During summer school one year at my first preschool, we had a cooking week, and we made no-bake peanut butter balls during the week. They were absolutely delicious, and an easy snack to whip up, so I thought it would be fun to revisit them and make them again for the blog (and satisfy my peanut butter craving). Unfortunately, I couldn't find the recipe I used then, and most recipes I saw online for peanut butter balls involved baking or copious amounts of sugar and chocolate. Chocolate isn't a problem, but I wasn't going to make a dessert because Aaron gave up sugar for Lent. So I decided to recreate the peanut butter balls myself (and a Google search will reveal all the delicious chocolate ones I passed up!).

Peanut Butter Balls:

They really should have another name. Peanut Butter Spheres? Peanut Butter Globes? Peanut Butter Spheroids?

I like Peanut Butter Globes. Let’s try this again.

Peanut Butter Globes:

1 cup chunky peanut butter (either salted or unsalted)

½ cup oats

½ c whole wheat flour

1 Tbsp. honey

Mix together all the ingredients, shape into globes, and eat them!

Yields 8-10 globes, depending on how large you make your globes. Mine were large enough to eat in two bites.

It’s so easy! The peanut butter globes are perfect for a little blast of protein in the afternoon. They can easily be customized, too. Instead of flour, some recipes I saw online utilized coconut flour, ground flax seeds, or chia seeds. I had almond meal back in Santa Barbara, and that would work well too. And if you mix in chocolate chips or cocoa powder, I won’t tell!

As I was making the globes, I thought this would be a great activity for each preschooler to do on their own. When I made them with my kids a few years ago, we put all the ingredients into a large bowl and took turns mixing it with a wooden spoon. How fun would it be, though, to give each child their own little bowl, and let them mix it up with their hands! It would be a fun sensory activity and they could each make their own snack. It could turn into a conversation about protein and how to keep our bodies strong, or about the world (globe), or about cooking.

Hobbes, of course, had to do her utmost to crash the photo shoot. Usually she sniffs a little before trying out the food (if she makes it that far), but this time one whiff was enough to convince her that peanut butter was the best food she’d ever smelled. After I sat down on the couch with my plate of globes, she dove right in and started licking them without hesitation until I made her stop. I realized that those who come over to my house for dinner may never want to come over after seeing that picture of her attempting to eat our food. Don’t worry, I don’t let her get into the food while I’m cooking it!

I hope you all enjoy this snack recipe! Tell me if you make it, and if you do modify it, what extra ingredients you include.

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