Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hobbes's Grand Adventure

Hobbes had quite the adventure over the weekend. She made the trek with us to Boston! Aaron’s Nana said she would love to have Hobbes visit, and as Hobbes lived at Nan’s house for the first five days that Aaron had her, we figured it would be a good place to take her. We brought her cat carrier down from our staircase closet about three days before we left and left it out in the Hobbit Hole so she could acclimate to the carrier.

Hobbes is a very vocal cat. She loves to chat, so of course she had all sorts of things to say to us on the car ride up to Nan’s, and not all of those things were very nice, either. I tried holding her on my lap, but she was too squirmy and upset, so I put her back in her carrier. Then Aaron and I did our best to ignore her for the next two hours. We talked and played music, just like we do at home, and I draped my jacket over her carrier so she could feel like she was in a dark, safe space. That calmed her down quite a bit.

Upon our arrival at Nan’s, Hobbes made herself at home as we sat down to dinner. Nana has a 17 lb. cat named Eddie who was locked up when we arrived, because although he is a friendly cat, we weren’t sure how he would react to Hobbes. They never met during Hobbes’s five day stay before, because wee Hobbes would have been a mere snack for huge Eddie. This time around, rather than locking one or the other up, we thought it would be far more convenient if Hobbes and Eddie got along.

Eddie and I enjoyed reading by the fire over Christmas break.
Cats always have their own plans, however. Nana held Eddie, and Aaron held Hobbes, and we let them see each other. Eddie was in a good mood (I’d just gone up to say hello and rub his head; we’re buds), and he seemed curious about Hobbes, rather than upset, so for a few glorious seconds it seemed like they just might get along. Then Hobbes hissed. Little ferocious Hobbes, too spunky for her own good. Of course Eddie was not pleased. To have a teeny-weeny upstart orange fluffball hiss at him, in his own territory, was absolutely not going to fly. He hissed and growled right back, and we took Hobbes away before they could attempt to fight it out. Eddie would win, of course, having about an eleven or twelve pound advantage on Hobbes, but the bad thing about Hobbes in a fight is that she would never back down.

Unfortunately, Hobbes realized that Eddie must belong to Nana, so she began to hiss at Nan! It was like we had a toddler who was behaving badly; Aaron and I, of course, were not pleased with Hobbes’s hisses! She’d had a big day, however, so we all gave her some grace and put her to bed.

This was taken a few days later, but it's too stinkin' cute not to place here.
That night, Nan had a moment of illumination: Hobbes reminded her exactly of Danaerys Targaryen’s baby dragons! With her kitten mouth open, hissing, she looked just like a little dragon trying to breathe fire. She certainly has the personality of Drogon. So it was decided. Hobbes became the little dragon.

Being the Game of Thrones fans that we are, however, we had to come up with a magical creature for Eddie to be as well. It didn’t take long to figure out that he, of course, is a direwolf!

Hobbes’s hisses to Nan were all talk, because Nan went to visit her during her turn to be locked up and Hobbes hissed, but Nan picked her up and Hobbes didn’t try to bite or scratch or anything. Bacon also helped solve the hissing issue.

Bacon solves lots of issues.
Hobbes’s ride home was very similar to her ride up, but when she arrived home, she settled herself down immediately. She doesn’t hold grudges, and adapts quickly. Some cats would have sulked for a few days afterwards, but not Hobbes. 

The sweet baby, enjoying her afternoon.
Overall, I think her trip was a good experience for her! We won’t always live in Connecticut, so it was good for her to experience travel, because she’ll probably travel the world much more in her lifetime. I’m hoping that in the future, she’ll even get to meet Amaroo, Jack, and Misu. I’ve already predicted their reactions: Amaroo will love her unconditionally and try to give her a bath, Misu will try to fight her (they’re too alike to get along), and Jack might give a few experimental growls, but deep down he won’t mind her much. Did I get that right, Mom?

I love my little Hobbes dragon more every day!

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