Monday, February 10, 2014

The Post Office's New Scheme to Lure In The Millennial Generation

Aaron and I managed to make errands magical today by purchasing some Harry Potter stamps at the post office! We drove through a snowy scape that didn’t exactly look like Hogsmeade, to a postal office that doesn’t specialize in owls. However, service there is friendly and down-to-earth, as I’ve come to expect from many eastern Connecticut people. After I drooled over the Harry Potter stamps, we decided to buy them, because of course we will use them, on the condition that we only use the Ron Weasley stamps on bills.

Ron Weasley is a point of contention between Aaron and I – I think Ron is a good friend for Harry, but Aaron detests him. In fact, I try to brainwash Aaron by periodically texting him “Ron Weasley is a good friend”. I don’t think my tactics are working...yet.

I decided that these stamps are probably the Post Office’s grand scheme to lure in the much-discussed millennial generation. We, of course, cannot be depended upon to buy banal stamps. We need stamps that speak to our souls. The logical answer? Harry Potter stamps.

Yet with any series of stamps, there’s usually a few that make one wonder, why in the world would they include a stamp like that? For example, the Voldemort stamp. Am I really going to send my friend a letter with a Voldemort stamp? What message would that imply? Where did the inspiration come from for the Draco Malfoy stamp, where he looks like he’s about to puke?

However, I have big plans for that Voldemort stamp. I’m going to send it to the electric company that charged us over $300 for our heating bill. They won’t even know what’s hit them…besides a chunk of our money. Oh well.

From the Post Office, we made our way around the university until we visited the new bookstore off the edge of campus. We have not found any places like the bookstore so far! While I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Chaucer’s, it was very exciting to find the new bookstore. They even have a little coffee shop in the back! When we were first getting to know each other, Aaron and I would go on dates that were not dates to bookstores in downtown Santa Barbara, and we were so sad when they closed. (Don’t worry, we found Chaucer’s after that dismal occurrence.) Bookstores, besides opening up hundreds of different worlds, also remind me of those treasured moments from the beginning of our relationship. I have a feeling we’ll be spending more time in the bookstore over the next few years!

When we arrived home, Hobbes emerged from under the couch to greet us. We can only think it must be warm under there, and that’s why she sleeps there. Personally, I’d choose the snuggly bed. I got a few fun pictures of her playing with her Yoda mouse (yes, that is a real thing, and it is awesome!). She loves her Yoda. By love, I mean she loves to chew him and somersault all over him. I actually caught her stashing Yoda, another mouse, and her pink feather toy under the bed yesterday! I love learning more about her personality – she’s so silly.

So it was a productive day. Thanks for coming along with us!

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