Thursday, February 13, 2014

No Sew T-Shirt Headbands

It’s a snow day, so I decided to make a project that I pinned months ago. That project was t-shirt headbands. You can find lots of variations of the t-shirt headband online, but I decided to make these two, and attempt to do them without any sewing. (Plus, I can’t find my sewing kit.)

The great thing about t-shirt headbands is that just about everyone has some old t-shirts lying around, and if you don’t, you can easily pick up a cheap t-shirt from a thrift store or a friend. I used a couple of Aaron’s old t-shirts, and I liked having the flexibility of a larger shirt to work with. As an added bonus, t-shirt material is very stretchy, so these headbands will work for just about any size head, and you don’t have to be too accurate while cutting them out.

I started by making a simple braided headband from this tutorial. I used a gray-blue shirt of Aaron’s, and cut a horizontal strip off the bottom, once I had cut off the seam. I cut three such strips, and trimmed them until I had a size I was happy with. I wanted this particular headband to be thin.

Let’s be honest: I don’t craft much, and Hobbes was rather startled to see me cutting up old t-shirts. Of course she thought they were toys for her, so I had to climb into the window seats to braid them together, or she would have done her best to shred the strands. The window seats are still a little too tall for her to jump up on.

I taped the top of the three strands to keep them together, and then braided them. When I had reached the bottom, I tied the ends together, creating a large loop. I tied the two far sides of the loop together to create a two braid headband.

Now, although this is a no sew plan, I used a little super glue to adhere the ends together. 

While I was waiting for the super glue to dry, I got to work on the second headband. This one, made from a burgundy shirt, was much thicker. I cut five horizontal strips off the bottom, then braided them using the pattern found here. I taped the strips up on the wall so it would be easy to distinguish between them and weave them together. After a few initial tries, I got the hang of the pattern, and was able to finish off the headband rather quickly.

The burgundy headband was much easier to tie off. I simply tied the ends together, and then tied those ends to the other loose ends, and continued tying until all the ends were weaved in. I didn't even trim them!

Next, it was time for a photo shoot, so you can see what they look like! I photographed the burgundy one first.

I’ve found that the window seats are perfect for taking pictures; the white walls help to create a soft natural lighting. At least I think so…my photography skills are a work in progress!

I love the casual look of the headbands; they evoke a laid back feel without appearing sloppy. As my bangs grow out, the headbands are going to be very helpful!

Next, the gray one. The double strands seem a little fancier to me for whatever reason.

I let them naturally twist together to add some texture.

I started to lose my composure near the end of the photo shoot!

Do you have any old t-shirts lying around that you would make into headbands?

The Hobbit Hole seems half-buried in snow at this point…I can hear snow plows laboring up above.

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