Monday, February 3, 2014

Cinnamon Rolls on a Snowy Day

Yesterday the temperature rose to over 50°, and I laughingly complained to Aaron that I was being cheated out of my first winter.

This morning I woke up, and it was snowing!

So I guess I’ll get to enjoy winter after all. With the snow blew in a craving for homemade cinnamon rolls. I don’t think I've made cinnamon rolls since our first Christmas, a week after our wedding. I decided to experiment with a new recipe, and found this one on Sally’s Baking Addiction. I saw “easy” and “fluffy”, showed the pictures to Aaron, and we were sold. I turned on Norah Jones, some of my favorite morning music, and got to work!

Cinnamon rolls before rising.
Hobbes was very excited during the cinnamon roll process and spent most of the morning dashing wildly around the house.
Something smells tasty!
The recipe wasn't teasing – the rolls were really easy to make. Sally put in several useful tips to help the baking process run smoothly. One is to heat the oven to 200°, and then turn the oven off and let the rolls rise in there. After an hour, my rolls had at least doubled in size, so I took them out of the oven, preheated it to 375°, and then baked them. After 15 minutes of baking, I covered them in foil to keep them from getting too brown, which was another tip from Sally. 

The rolls post-rising...they're huge!
Aaron really likes cream cheese frosting, but we didn't have cream cheese, and as it was snowing, we weren't about to run to the store. Unfortunately I didn't have any powdered sugar either, another key ingredient in many frosting recipes. About a month ago, however, I had tried out a new frosting recipe that calls for flour, milk, vanilla, butter, and sugar. We had all that in our cabinets! The recipe is very tasty, but since we don’t have an electric mixer, the first time I made it, we would find ourselves chewing flour at unsuspecting intervals. That’s not much fun. So after stirring ferociously, and even enlisting Aaron to stir, I realized that we couldn't quite replicate an electric mixer. So I threw the frosting mix in the blender, and that took care of most of the lingering chunks of flour.

So scrumptious!
The cinnamon rolls were delicious! We each had two. The recipe took me right around three hours to make, which isn't bad at all for delicious, gooey cinnamon rolls. It always takes me a little longer to make a new recipe as well; it may take less time for a more experienced baker.

Are you drooling yet?
Once Hobbes caught a whiff of the rolls, she tried to eat them too. Unfortunately for her, I decided that sugar isn't the best snack for a kitten.

It snowed all day long, without letting up at all! We have at least a few inches out there. The world is back to its lovely winter self.

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