Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's been 2 years!

LAX, upon my return from India.
Happy anniversary to my husband and best friend! It’s been 2 years for us, and it’s incredible to remember that about this time two years ago, with our toes in the sand, we were sharing the gift of our vows with each other.

I loved Aaron very much that day, but I can honestly say after 2 years of marriage that I love him more today than I did that day. I am so very grateful for all the things he’s taught me, and all the ways we've grown together.

Our anniversary is just one week from Christmas, and upon the arrival of our one year anniversary, we didn't think we should get each other extravagant presents. We had a trip planned to Avila Beach, our honeymoon spot, and we had expended most of our creative brainpower on thoughtful Christmas presents. According to traditional and modern lists of anniversary gifts we owed each other either paper or clocks. So we decided to extract a few more ounces of creativity, and we took each other to see The Hobbit at an IMAX in Los Angeles, and saved our ticket stubs as the paper gift.

For year two, we were supposed to give either cotton (traditional) or china (modern), but where would we put china in the Hobbit Hole? And would we move the china all over the world? I think not! So we officially decided to go with the traditional list (a crucial decision which occupies much of everyone’s thoughts, I know) and decided to give each other cotton this year.

The only problem with cotton is that all I could think about when cotton came to mind was the information packet I consumed in preparation for the 12 day backpacking trip I went on before college. The packet told us to purchase wool clothing, admonishing us that “cotton kills”. Clearly, not a winning phrase to celebrate two years of marriage!

So I let go of my preconceived notion that my present needed to consist of cotton clothing. I found a cotton scented candle online! Aaron loves candles, and to be honest, I didn't really love them until we got married, but now I enjoy lighting a candle on dark East Coast evenings and savoring its calming presence.

Excited about our anniversary gifts, we stayed up until midnight to share with each other! Besides getting me cotton chonies (which you don’t want to hear about), Aaron found a beautiful journal from India for me. The pages are made of cotton! And although he cheated a little, since the outside of the journal is made from leather, I am quite content to overlook that little detail. Plus, it turns out that his favorite candle scent is cotton, a fact that I did not even know until last night.

Cotton for the win!
So we've begun a tradition of seeking out creative anniversary gifts and it’s been very entertaining thus far! Next year is leather…

Although the gifts are fun, the compassion and support that I've received from this amazing man means more to me than any item we could give. I know that I can face any cross country move or job search or burned supper with him by my side.

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