Thursday, October 10, 2013

Quick Weeknight Meals: It's a Wrap

Leaves are starting to change in Connecticut.
When we lived on the West Coast, Aaron and I got home from work around 5:00, I made dinner, and we consumed it as if we hadn't eaten for days. 6:15 was a late dinner for us; 7:00 nearly unheard of, inevitably accompanied by grumpy rumbling bellies. Even in college, I would head down to the dining commons around 5:00 or 5:30. I liked to eat dinner early...then I could eat a snack later!

Since moving to Connecticut, however, dinner is rarely served early. The other night, we sat down to dinner at 8:15. Afterwards, I tricked Aaron into going to bed to snatch a little extra sleep. (My plan backfired; while we did sleep, the next day we were on sleep overload and stayed up till 11:00!) Often I will go to a workout class around five after work, and on Thursdays we're at the university until at least seven. With all these late nights, I decided I needed a stockpile of easy, healthy meals that I can whip up quickly. With that in mind, I introduce my newest blog series: Quick Weeknight Meals! I'll start the series off with a meal I created. It was Monday night, we hadn't been to the grocery store yet, and we were too hungry to brave a shopping trip filled with tantalizing distractions, so I threw together dinner from what we had in the fridge, and we loved the results.

Inspired by Freebirds (Isla Vista, CA), I began the meal as if I was making a quesarito: by melting cheese on two whole wheat wraps. I found these wraps at the local grocery store, and they have swiftly become staples in our house. We don't have a microwave here, so I melted the cheese in the oven, for about 5-10 minutes at 350 degrees. When they came out, I acted fast so that they wouldn't get too cold. We had sliced chicken breast in the fridge that I tore up and threw on. Any kind of meat would work here, or pre-cooked rice with beans would provide a vegetarian alternative. I have no experience with tofu but I imagine that could work as well. After the meat, I spread on hummus for an extra boost of protein and flavor. We had avocado hummus on hand, but any flavor would work well. Then I tossed on some spinach to give the wraps a punch of vitamins, and added pickled jalapeƱos to mine for some extra excitement.

A close-up of the wrap, revealing the tasty textures of whole wheat and spinach.
The meal was so easy and super yummy! I only made two wraps to start with, but Aaron asked for a second when he was done, and I was happy to oblige because the wraps were so easy to make. Next time I'll cook three or four, depending on how hungry we are.

I love how versatile wraps are too; you can really use whatever you have in your fridge. I will stick with the cheesy beginning, because that lends the wrap an extra smack of tastiness, but next time I will experiment with other vegetables, a different flavor of hummus, different meat (or maybe tofu!) and whatever else we have on hand. Salsa would be really good in the wrap as well.

If you experiment with these quick wraps, tell me about your adventures in the comments!

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