Sunday, April 7, 2013

Last Night in Two Words: Avocado Fries

I don't typically write reviews of restaurants on my blog, but the place that Aaron and I went to last night was so ludicrously delicious that I feel obligated to write about it for the benefit of humanity, or just those who love avocados.

A year ago, I was with the other teachers from my preschool at a conference in San Diego, and we decided to go downtown one night to eat. We found ourselves in the Gaslamp Quarter, which is full of unique, appetizing restaurants, and as we walked down the street, trying to pick a place, we noticed a little restaurant with Middle Eastern decor and a side wall displaying about six or so intriguing sangrias. We sat down and had one of the best meals of our lives! The atmosphere was both welcoming and hip, all the waitstaff were incredibly friendly (we even got to talk with the owner for a while), and to top it all off, every single person in our party loved their food! We all sampled each other's food too, and everything was delicious. That is pretty rare for a restaurant. Usually there is at least someone who wishes they had perhaps chosen another dish, or who really doesn't like their food at all. It was not so at Café 21. Every single dish was spectacular.

Of course I wanted to take Aaron back to such an marvelous place. We finally got the chance last night! Café 21 was far busier than it had been a year ago, and all the tables were reserved, so we opted to sit at the bar, and really enjoyed it. Again, we were served by friendly waiters and waitresses, and we enjoyed talking with them, and also enjoyed all the space that the bar afforded us to spread out with our food. The menu is a bit pricey  so we decided to split two appetizers and two flatbreads, as well as the sangria flight (samples of each of their tasty sangrias).

The avocado fries were the first item we tasted. They were slices of avocado lightly breaded and then fried. They were super sumptuous! They were creamy with just a touch of salt, and melted in our mouths. They even convinced me, a person who firmly believes that there is a special part of my stomach reserved for dessert, to turn down the flourless chocolate cake in favor of another order of the fries. I love flourless chocolate cake, yet it was not even a question; of course we would get more avocado fries, and no dessert. Those who know me are probably experiencing shock right now. They were that good, everyone!

Then came the duck wings, which were also incredibly tantalizing. They were slightly crunchy on the outside, and the meat was tender and dark inside. They were drizzled with a delicious sauce that was sweet at times and savory at others.

The sangria flight had come out as well. There were six varieties in glasses that Aaron and I were able to split into the wineglasses they provided for us. There were three red wine varieties and three white wine varieties. The red wine varieties reminded me of traditional sangrias I have tasted. I remember one had pomegranates and one had strawberries. Each was a beautiful balance of sweet fruit and rich red wine.

The white wines seemed a more exotic. One of the white wines contained mango and perhaps orange and it was perfectly sweet. Another one was spiced with tarragon, and that was my favorite. I believe they change their sangrias every so often, so if you go, you will have to tell me what you sampled. It was the first time that Aaron had ever tried sangria, and it was a pretty fabulous introduction! Needless to say, he very much enjoyed sangria. I am inspired to try and make it at home sometime.

Next, out came our flatbreads, which continued to exceed our rising expectations! One had cheese, flat iron steak, and yellow tomatoes, and was topped by a green sauce that smacked of basil and cream. The other had prosciutto, figs, cheese, and more yellow tomatoes. The flavors complemented each other to perfection, and not a single bite failed to impress. Around this time our second order of avocado fries came out, and Aaron and I felt like we had died and gone to heaven.

I had to write about our experience, because who has ever heard of avocado fries? I can't quite make up my mind if I want to try and replicate them or not, because they were so delicate that I'm not sure I could do it. Maybe if I have an avocado tree someday and can experiment, I'll do it. I also wrote about our experience so that if you ever find yourself desiring a place to eat in the Gaslamp District of San Diego, you now know exactly where to go!

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