Friday, January 4, 2013

Writing about Writing

I guess it’s time to admit it…I am working on a novel. I haven’t been very public about this because I am really taking my time on it, but I think that by admitting it on my blog, it might give me another friendly little push to keep working. I am working on an idea that I am fleshing out right now, exploring who my characters are and the world that they live in. This is a really important part of writing for me, because if I don’t know my characters, then I am never going to write an engaging story.

The idea started from a free write that I wrote when I was about 14. Although the characters have come a long way from that free write, I did lay the foundation for the world they inhabit in the free write. A little under a year ago, I decided to write more on the basic idea from the free write that has been in the back of my mind for about eight years now, and wrote another free write that gave me the basis for my main character. Since then, I have been writing about writing! As I write about the story, I continue to find out more about the main character and her family and friends. I am not going to put in very many details now, because the story is still in a process of growth, but I am really excited about what I have so far.

I realized pretty early on that I cannot have both a full time job and be a full time writer. While I really hope to be a full time writer someday, it is perfectly all right for me to put my all into my job right now, and write on the side, as long as I really am writing on the side. It is far too easy for me to be lazy and not write, but I know that writing is a way that I grow as a person. Even if my stories are never published, I need to be writing. Of course it would be awesome to be published, but that is not my ultimate goal. My ultimate goal is just to write, and write some more, because when I write, I am that much closer to the person I am meant to be.

Writing connects me to God in a deep way. Although I have not talked about it on this blog much, my relationship with God is very important to me. I believe God gave me this impetus to write not as a means to be famous or anything like that, but to connect me to Him. When I was in college, I decided that I wanted to take some Religious Studies classes in addition to my English classes to build my relationship with God, and although I am glad I took them, I found out very quickly that my English classes inspired me to a closer relationship with Him much more than my Religious Studies classes did. When I am writing, I feel close to God, because I am doing something that I believe He created me to do. Writing is a core part of who I am, and in acting on this essential element of myself rather than being lazy and not writing, I become a truer version of who God wants me to be. I am a healthier, happier person when I am writing. I am still figuring this out, and I am afraid this all sounds rather self indulgent, but I know that God gave every person certain gifts, and when we are using those gifts, and enjoying them, it brings us closer to God. It brings us closer to love.

So I have admitted it…I am writing a novel…and I guess my New Year’s resolution is to write more than I did in 2012! I know that if I am writing, no matter what happens in this next year, I will feel good about the year.

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