Friday, July 13, 2012

Second First Post

First of all, welcome to Work in Progress.

I created a blog because I love to write. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but finally acted out on those thoughts on the encouragement of my husband, Aaron. This space is dedicated to musings on my growth (sometimes slow) as a writer, as well as my interests in life. I have been cooking more since I got married nearly seven months ago, and I love it. I also work with children, and may post about my adventures teaching them at times.

Second, as you know, this is not the first post on the blog, although it reads like a first post. I lead with Sticky Summer Sovereignty because it remains one of my favorite pieces of writing that I have written. It sets the tone for my blog better than any first post could. It is a sad piece, but is filled with hope at the end, or so I meant to convey. The loss of those summer evenings still strikes me deeply, but to linger in the memories forever will not help me to live a full life now. Similarly, in my writing, to linger in what I have written will not help me to write more. Sticky Summer Sovereignty went through a difficult revision process, and the ending changed completely from a trite, easy conclusion, to something that I hope is more meaningful. The process was as important as the finished product.

That idea, that the process is as important as the finished product, forms the basis for the title of my blog. I view my life as a work in progress, and therefore it was apt to name my blog after my life descriptor.

I hope you enjoy the writing on my blog! Thanks for reading.

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