Saturday, July 21, 2012

Homemade Sugar Scrub

All you need for sugar scrub!

I made homemade sugar scrub last weekend! Although usually considered a luxury item, or at least I consider it to be such, it is so easy and surprising inexpensive to make yourself. One of the moms at the preschool I work at made lemon sugar scrub as a gift for all of the teachers, and inspired me to figure out how to make it myself!

I did a Google search on “homemade sugar scrub” and there are lots of fabulous recipes out there for those who are also inspired. I started with a simple recipe to see how the process worked. I put two cups of brown sugar into a bowl, and mixed in one cup of turbinado cane sugar from Trader Joe’s, which is what I use instead of white sugar, and therefore what I had in my cabinet. These formed the basis for the scrub.

I love Trader Joe's.

It turns out that you can use many different types of oil in sugar scrub, but I used canola oil because it was what I had on hand, and I did not want to use olive oil, because I thought it would make the sugar scrub way too pungent. While I love the smell of olive oil when I am cooking, especially cooking garlic and onions, I do not particularly want my feet to smell like olive oil. I added one cup of oil to the sugar mixture. Finally, I added one tablespoon of vanilla and stirred it all together. I ended up adding more of both kinds of sugar, because the mixture seemed too oily. 

This gives you an idea of the consistency of the scrub.

I put the majority of the mixture into a small Mason jar, as a gift for a lovely friend who is getting married in less than a month! I created a label for the top using pretty paper that I cut out of a brochure, and thin cardboard that came in a set of stationery. I tied a bow around the jar and it was all done! I kept the rest of the leftovers for myself, because I was almost through my lemon sugar scrub.

The finished product!

I’ve been using it for about a week now, and I think my mixture is a bit too oily, although it smells like cookie dough and does make my toes feel sublimely soft. I found another recipe online that calls for oatmeal, which is what I am going to try next. I think the oatmeal might soak up some of that excess oil.

There are obviously lots of ways to expand upon this easy recipe as well, and I’m excited to try more of them out once I use up my sugar scrub.

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