Saturday, July 21, 2012

Burritos Take Two

Although I have not blogged about it yet, Aaron and I loved our burritos so much that we made more the night after we made them the first time! As I sat at work that day, eating the first burrito leftovers on my lunch break, pondering what I would make for dinner that night, I realized that there was nothing I could make for dinner that would be better than the burritos. So I just decided to make more burritos. Of course Aaron was game, so it was official: we would eat burritos for two nights in a row!

The second night of burrito-making turned out to be an adventure in itself. We didn’t have any meat at home, so we decided to find meat at a local Latino market. After I picked Aaron up from work, we found a market nearby, and walked in, without any idea of what kind of meat to buy. We found carne para tacos, and decided to try that out, as it was our first time buying meat from a Latino market. We also picked up a can of beans, more rice, some avocados which were 99 cents and turned out to be organic, limes, and cilantro. I drooled over the Mexican hot chocolate. Then we left, feeling that the first part of burrito-making had already been a success! I love the authenticity of places like this.

I had no idea what it would be like to cook the carne para tacos. I made an impromptu marinade of pepper, cumin, coriander, crushed red pepper, and some extremely spicy hot sauce that we picked up at Trader Joe’s, and then started cooking the meat in a skillet. I started the meat on high, of course, but turned the heat down as I made the other ingredients to keep the meat hot and get rid of the lingering fat.

I made the same cilantro rice as I had done the night before, although I made much more of it and used a different type of rice. This rice ended up being much stickier when cooked, and since I used roughly the same amount of lime as before, it wasn’t as tangy as the first batch, but it was still tasty. I did not heat up the beans and did not notice a difference in the overall burrito experience. One less pot to clean! I also made more guacamole, much the same way I had done the prior day. We still had plenty of tortillas to wrap up all the goodness.

The burritos were again scrumptious! It was fun to try steak, and the marinade ended up tasting delicious. Aaron especially loved the meat. After two nights of burritos, we were finally satisfied. One night of burritos definitely was not enough! We didn’t make any burritos this past week, but I’m already feeling like it’s time to make them again! We love the fact that we can take what we love about burritos we buy, and combine all our favorite elements to make champion burritos so cheaply at home. Plus, they make great lunch leftovers!

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